About Our Magazine

About Our Magazine - About Our Magazine

King West Magazine is dedicated to uploading interesting articles with news, facts, tips, and everything that we can get our hands on, regarding the most popular sports in Canada.

Our magazine was born from the inspiration of James Byrd to create a site filled with sports and everything that the fans loved, for all of his friends to enjoy. He never dreamt the magazine would pick up the way it has and, even less, that we would be joining him in creating the articles that would make King West Magazine a favourite.

We get together to watch our favourite games and various sports events, we discuss the chances that our favourite athletes have of making an impact, we enjoy sports in general. The result is a good load of wholesome articles including all the types of sports that Canadians love to follow.

Moreover, we are all into betting and testing our knowledge for a chance to earn a profit and we enjoy sharing tips in this area as well. Some of our most comprehensive articles revolve around how to pick the best odds to place accurate wagers.

Our readers have oftentimes approached us and let us know that they would like more articles about a certain sport and we always try to comply. The magazine keeps growing and we keep learning more about different events that the Canadian sports fans love to follow, producing better articles each day.

King West Magazine has come a long way since it was only a site meant to have fun with friends and now, it caters to the needs of readers from all over the country.