European football fierce: Son Heung Min, Fernandes or Ibrahimovic at the top?

The stars have been proving their worth even though the season has just entered the beginning stage. Their brilliance has contributed to the attraction of the top leagues in Europe at this time.

Son Heung Min: Known as “Asian pride”

It is not difficult to find the most prominent names of the Premier League right now, and Son Heung Min is one of them. The Korean striker is showing that he deserves to be “the pride of Asia” with an impressive performance at the same level as a top “penalty-area killer”.

8 goals have been brought to Tottenham by Son Heung Min since the beginning of the season, the number that has helped the striker match Salah, Vardy and Calvert-Lewin to the top of the Premier League’s “Bomb King” list so far. The agreement with the number 1 star Harry Kane and the ability to explode at the time Tottenham needed a goal helped Son Heung Min win over the trust of coach Jose Mourinho.

It is not too much to say that the Korean star is building a proud brand at Tottenham and he promises to continue making “Rooster” fans mention him when the season enters a decisive period.

Bruno Fernandes proves worth at MU

Like Son Heung Min, Bruno Fernandes has been a top performer in the Premier League since the beginning of the season. The more Portuguese midfielder played, the more it proves his value in the role of “conductor” in the team play.

The appearance of Bruno Fernandes has always helped MU find a solution to the game, as well as inspired to play football for his teammates playing around him.

With 5 goals and 3 assists, Bruno Fernandes has not been able to help “Red Devils” win a worthy position in the standings, but the 26-year-old midfielder must have saved the teacher Solskjaer many times with the screen. am on time to bring back 3 points to the team.

European football fierce Son Heung Min Fernandes or Ibrahimovic at the top - European football fierce: Son Heung Min, Fernandes or Ibrahimovic at the top?

Possessing the thinking of a modern midfielder, Bruno Fernandes is considered by MU fans as the breath and life source of the team at the moment. Therefore, he is the greatest hope in the Manchester team’s resurgence efforts.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic currently leads the list of Serie A top scorer, and puts AC Milan on top of the table. It seems that Milan’s most optimistic fans could not have imagined when the season began.

Ibrahimovic is still booming at the age of 39

A striker was on the other side of the slope of his career when he turned 39, a team that did not receive so much expectation as AC Milan is becoming an interesting phenomenon in Serie A this season. Indeed, AC Milan is flying high thanks to the sublimation of Ibrahimovic.

Leading the scoring list with 8 goals in just 5 games, the Swedish striker is aiming to become the Serie A top scorer one more time.

There will be people who believe that the quality of Italian football is no longer high, so an “old man” like Ibrahimovic can hit such a raging. But remember, this is a tournament that still has the presence of superstar Cristiano Ronaldo, and Ibrahimovic has in fact created explosive moments similar to himself in the past.

Therefore, it is not too favorable to judge that Ibrahimovic is one of the most impressive stars of European football since the official new season.