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We are constantly striving to meet our readers’ requirements and to keep evolving with the new demands arising from changes in the sports industry. One of our most valuable resources to make this happen is you, your participation in what we talk about, with your point of view and your own opinions on sports.

Help Us Stay Updated

At this magazine, we have found that having a wide variety of sports fans creating articles and researching new athletes or teams, is a perfect way to keep us fresh and updated. This has led us to offer our readers the chance to write for us and contribute to our magazine, along with their particular preferences.

If you are one of those readers that go through our magazine and find yourself wishing we’d talk more about particular subjects, then you should apply to write for us. We highly appreciate each writer’s input to what we talk about, as long as you stick to the sports in Canada and everything that surrounds this industry.

You’re the Perfect Candidate If

If you have excellent writing skills and tend to research everything you are passionate about, you could be the perfect candidate to start writing for us. Moreover, if you have experience writing for websites or digital magazines, you should know that it is easy and what it takes to make an article appealing to readers.

Although having the skills is perfect when you want to start writing, you can also ask us for some tips if what you have is the passion and will to share it. Our team is more than happy to train you to be a good writer and show you the best ways to express and put into words the things you already know by heart.

How to Start

When you make up your mind and decide to write for us, make sure you send us an email with Writing as a subject, telling us what you wish to write about and why. From then on, it is a matter of exchanging emails with you and fine-tuning the details one-on-one.